Are you looking for a small cost saving per shipment, or are you looking for long-term, significant cost savings? As a company with offices in several continents, we always try to take advantage of the strength of each region. Our BPO is a good example.

We outsource time-consuming back-office jobs to regions with qualified people to handle the jobs at a fraction of the cost compared to Western countries.

Freight Forwarding is becoming more and more competitive, and cost-savings are needed on all levels. Many international companies have centralized data-entry offices, or customer service offices. At AEL Berkman we have similar solutions in place.

Our BPO is fully owned by the AEL Berkman group and our staff has a wide experience in the freight forwarding industry. Data entry, vessel tracking, update vessel schedules, transshipment checks and selected customer service activities are examples of what we currently offer to our overseas partners.

We have strict KPI’s in place, we measure our performance and we can guarantee our quality. This is based on measurable data. To unlock a level of internal cost,- and time savings & increase your own service levels our BPO is available to you, at a fraction of the cost compared to investments within your own offices.


Send us your freight details and our team will work on the best solution for you.


24/7 updated follow ups

24/7 updated follow ups

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our customers are able to consult
their cargo status at any time.

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